1423 Chapel Street Suite 1-B New Haven, Connecticut 06511
We provide Mental health and addiction Counseling with Recovery housing supportive services in Connecticut
happy female patient talking to psychologist while lying on bed in clinic

Our Practice

Prosperity Counseling, LLC, was founded to give individuals who are facing life challenges with mental health and addictions, a safe environment where they can freely express their thoughts, emotions and belief with individualized services to support their needs. We have been successful with helping individuals create balance, stability as a basis of a transformed life, with a holistic client-centered approach.

Our Mission

It is our mission to empower individuals in resolving their problems from different life challenges. With our holistic and personalized services, we aim to guide them in understanding their issues and finding healthier and more effective ways of dealing with them. Prosperity Counseling provides a structured experience of evidence-based strategies that are designed to promote self-sufficiency as a basis for a transformed life.

Our Vision

We aim to support more individuals and groups in understanding their issues and finding healthier ways of dealing with them. With this, we also strive to be Connecticut’s primary choice when it comes to counseling services.

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