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Welcome to Prosperity Counseling Person-Centered Addiction & Mental Health Services

Are you ready to break the painful cycles that keep you depressed, anxious, hopeless and addicted? Would you like to learn how to grow from past failures? Are you ready to leave the old story behind and realize your true potential with inner peace and  sustainable recovery ?

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What We Do

We Provide you with non judgemental compassionate services where you are free to express yourself and receive the support you deserve


Our Mission Our Commitment to You

It is our mission to empower individuals in resolving their problems with different life challenges. With our holistic and personalized services, we aim to guide them in understanding their issues and finding healthier and more effective ways of dealing with them. Prosperity Counseling, LLC provides a structured experience of evidence-based strategies that are designed to promote self-sufficiency as a basis for a transformed life.

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Consult with Us

Our services begin with a consultation of asses your needs.

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