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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling can be effective in helping you better understand, manage and express your emotions, learn to deal effectively with stress and anxiety, improve relationships, heal from past traumas, change behaviors that are counterproductive to your goals and values, gain confidence and self-esteem, work through difficult family dynamics, and many other situations. Individual counseling has been shown to be highly effective for addiction and  mental health conditions.

Couple Counseling

In couples or family counseling, we will help you work through communication issues, loss of connection and intimacy, financial issues, affairs and betrayals, family issues, and more. Prosperity Counseling  will work hard to understand each of you and we will not take sides. Rather, we will explore patterns and try to find healthy alternatives and positive change.

Group Counseling

Groups generally consist of 6-8 people, last up to 60 minutes and are led by a counselor who works to create a safe, collaborative, and confidential environment amongst group members. Groups are effective in helping individuals acquire better-coping skills, find support in their day-to-day difficulties, overcome anxieties about social interactions, explore past traumas, heal from internal feelings of shame and guilt, and modify problematic behaviors. Group members often report feeling relieved that others are going through similar problems and they often enjoy the experience practicing a new identity. For example, do you have problems asserting your needs? Group can be a great space for you to start practicing!



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